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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 2, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bret: next on "special report" voters go to the polls tuesday to pick their candidates and send a message all the way to washington. we will have fox team coverage. there will not be an election this week in afghanistan. we will talk to the candidate who decided he had enough. a vote on the house healthcare reform bill is approaching. today it gets praised and pilloried on capitol hill, and we go on the job hunt in one state hit hard by the recession. all that, plus brit hume's analysis and the fox all-stars, right here, right now. >> welcome to washington. tuesday voters in a handful of locations across the country will decide on races that have drawn national attention. plus of the political stakes involved. we have fox team coverage in america's election headquarters, chief political correspondent carl cameron is in virginia where republicans
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are trying to take back the commonwealth. shannon bream is in new jersey, another target state for the g.o.p. and molly line starts us off in watertown, new york, with with a congressional race that is anything but politics as usual. >> good evening. a battle over the heart of the republican party in the 23rd congressional district here in new york was hit by a bombshell over the weekend. this three-party race is now a two-party contest. the republican candidate dropping out and endorsing the democrat. trailing in the polls and struggling to raise money, republican dede scozzafava suspended her campaign this weekend. >> i am guided by my faith, and i think in the end you got to do the right thing, and i think this is the right thing at this time. >> she released her supporters and then one day later shaking up the race again endorsed her former democratic rival bill owens over the conservative party candidate doug hoffman. it wrankled activists who say her actions support the
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importance of conservatives getting into the race. new york republicans picked scozzafava but her support for abortion and gay rights sparked backlashes, activating tea party activists across the country. doug hoffman says he a has an anti-dote to the pelosi agenda he says he will fight like an underdog until the polls close. >> i have been fight for the heart and soul of the republican party to begin w i'm a lifelong republican and i was just standing up for the values and ideals that i believe the republican party should stand for. >> vice president joe biden stumped for owens today in watertown, new york. owens thanked scozzafava for her endorsement and slammed right wing idealists. >> this campaign stands for one thing and one thing only.
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the special interests that are financing his campaign and their partisan agenda. >> biden's visit may rally the base riding on obama's coattails may not be enough in the 23rd congressional district. it is dominated by registered republicans who outnumber democrats and internally, the hoffman campaign says that their internal poll numbers are showing that the president's approval ratings here in this district are lower than across the national average. we're at a hoffman rally right now. wewe were at an an owens rally this morning. both candidates are rout looking for the last-minute votes. bret: the republican challenger is making life difficult for the democratic incumbent in new jersey. shannon bream is live tonight. good evening. aheading into tomorrow's election, the polls in new jersey could not be any tighter and with no easy way to predict a winner at this point, both the top candidates are working around the clock
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trying to sway minds an solidify their base going into elect day. >> you know it's an important election when your president comes here three times over four months. >> but half those visits translated to jon corzine. the latest quinnipiack poll shows the race in a statistical dead heat as corzine battle tboz feisty opponents along with the rising unemployment numbers and taxes. >> jon corzine did not promise it would be easy. what he promised was that he would wake up every single day thinking about you. >> according to quinnipiack polls, chris christie has a narrow 2-point lead putting him at 42% and corzine at 4 oh within the margin of error. third party candidate, chris daggett, who tends to lead more toward democratic positions is a distant third at 12%. when quinnipiack asked daggett supporters which way they
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would split, 289% would choose corzine while just 29% would shift to christie and his running mate. >> chris daggett will get the votes he will get. my job is to get as many as i can get. >> along with the third party wildcard in daggett, the candidates have acknowledged they could be up against the yankees and phillies with analysts predicting that a late night world series showdown on monday could tend to cause voters to sleep in instead of heading to the polls thursday. and christy could pull off an upset in the state tomorrow, corzine and daggett would not be the only losers. >> corzine loses, that of course is a major problem for the white house, because they picked the new jersey governor's race as the one that president obama can affect, and that's because new jersey is so heavily blue, so heavily democratic. >> today, white house press secretary robert gibbs downplayed the significance of tomorrow's election as it relate to the crucial midterm elections in 2010 despite the fact that the white house appears to be significantly
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invested in the race here in new jersey. bret: shannon, thank you. carl cameron is in virginia tonight with an update onto gov fore's -- at the governor's ace there and a look at the big picture as well. let's start out in virginia. >> in a matter of seconds we will see the republican nominee introduced on the stage behind me, bob mcdoneel, the former attorney general leads the polls by double digits and has done so. this race has never been all that close. republicans very confident of their ability to take the governor's office at the statehouse in richmond back after eight years of democratic control. for creigh deeds it's been a problem to invigorate and energize the democratic electorate that elected obama president here last year t was the first time a democratic candidate won in virginia in decades. the partisan feelings are about to shift and elect a republican governor, the first in the obama era. bret: how much does the debate
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in washington over things like healthcare reform and cap and trade factor into this race in virginia? >> well, the first thing any political analyst will tell su that all races are local, all politics are local but the fact of the matter is in virginia and new jersey and in the adirondacks in northern new york, the national agenda has played out. there was a poll in virginia not long ago that suggested that more than half of the voters looked unfavorably at healthcare in washington, and in virginia, particularly as well in new jersey, there is concern over the cap cap and trade legislation because republicans have argued it would raise taxes and hurt the economy. that has cut equally into the democrats' votes. it has tended to help republicans. bret: there is an on-line report tonight that the state democratic party in the committee now in new jersey is admitting paying for a robo call supporting the independent candidate, chris daggett and slamming chris
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christie, the republican. any thoughts about that, and is the democratic state committee admitting to this late in the game? >> it is all of a piece of democratic efforts to protect new jersey. it is historically a blue state with democratic leaning voters and the idea that it might slip in two gubernatorial victories is something that they are pulling out the stops out. the president is spending so much time in new jersey and they are trying to bank shot to help the independents undercut the republicans. bret: carl, thank you. michael bloomberg is said to be burning through about $35,000 of his own money every hour in his effort to win a third term in new york. bloomberg's challenger is democratic city comptroller william thompson, jr., who has spent less than a tenth of what bloomberg has on this race. fox news is america's election head headquarters and on tuesday, on t.v. and on-line and mobile, "special report"
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will come to you out of new york with election results throughout the evening, all beginning at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. president obama met with his economic advisors this morning. he said the public and private sectors must find more ways to create jobs to continue the nation's climb out of an economic recession. a private trade group says its index of u.s. manufacturing activity was up almost 6% in october, the fastest pace in three years, pending sales of previously owned homes rose by 6.1% in september to its highest level in nearly 3 years. stocks began the week on a positive note. the dow was up 76. the s&p s&p 500 gained 6. nasdaq prompted just over 4. halloween is over, but we'll have an update about dead people on the voter rolls, and there won't be any more voting in afghanistan this time around. we'll talk to the man who pulled out of the runoff, next.
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awhile the u.s. is preparing for an election tuesday, afghanistan has cancelled its voting scheduled for saturday. dana lewis talked with the presidential challenger who pulled the plug on his own campaign over the weekend. >> in the center of kabul, the afghan army has been deployed at key checkpoints once manned by local police a more muscular security presence, because afghanistan is on edge. heightened security fears amid uncertainty of who is in charge of the country. today the answer. afghanistan's election commission, despite being tarnished by running a dirty presidential election in august, today declared incumbent karzai the winner and cancelled plans to hold a second runoff election this saturday. the commission ruled no runoff is necessary because despite the fact that karzai had at least a million bogus votes from stuffed ballot boxes and fake polling stations, his
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rival, dr. abdullah abdullah announced yesterday he was pulling out. today he told fox news the head of the election commission wasn't fired as he was requested and the next vote he said would not be free or fair and he suggested the karzai government may not survive the next five years in office because it has lost so much credibility with the people of afghanistan. >> with a situation like that, it cannot sustain for another five years. that's a big question. >> you think it could unravel? >> i will say that, to say the least that it is a question. >> dangerous time? >> very challenging time. >> the international community is ending a question of the uncertainty amid the surge in violence. last month was the deadliest since the conflict began, 55 soldiers dead. last week's bold and bloody attack on a u.n. compound by the taliban left 11 dead including three terrorists. today the u.n. secretary general made a surprise visit
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to afghanistan saying unlike in iraq, the u.n. will not be scared off here. >> we must not be deterdz and negotiations will continue. >> president karzai will hold a news conference to react to his delayed and tarnished election win tomorrow. he may have to reach out to some of the voters who believe that this historic afghan election was a big lesson in dirty democracy. in kabul, dana lewis, fox news. bret: the obama administration is trying to put the best possible spin on the afghanistan election. white house correspondent wendell goler tells us how. >> president obama spoke at a picture-taking session with the prime minister of sweden minutes after placing a phone call to afghan president hamid karzai which mr. obama said was not just to congratulate him. >> i emphasized that this has to be a point in time in which we begin to write a new chapter, based on improved governance, a much more
6:16 pm
serious effort to eradicate corruption. >> the president called the election messy. his aides said the democratic process worked in afghanistan even though the u.s.-backed leader tried to subvert it. >> two commissions determined that a serries are of votes, a big chunk of votes were fraudulent and they were thrown out as required, and the sitting president had to go through a second round. i think that demonstrates that the laws and institutions of afghanistan worked. >> u.s. officials said abdullah abdullah's decision not to contest the recount reflected his belief he had no chance to win, but aides say president obama, with a nine-day asia trip beginning next week is still weeks away from deciding whether to send more troops to afghanistan and that doesn't sit well with house minority leader john boehner who said in a written statement "the white house has no further pretext for delaying the decision on giving general mcchrystal the resources he needs to achieve our goals in afghanistan." boehner wants commanding general stanley mcchrystal to get all 40,000 additional
6:17 pm
troops he has requested and so does the head of the armed services committee who said in a written statement, quote "i continue to believe that general mcchrystal's counterinsurgency plan is the right approach," but regional experts like rick nelson believe the u.s. would do better to build stronger partnerships with afghanistan's provincial governors. >> i think the provincial approach going forward and we can identify areas that are going to be stable on their own will certainly allow us to go with a lot less troops. >> president obama has asked for a province by province assessment of afghanistan's leadership, and nelson says that may be a way to pressure karzai to clean up his act. >> the united states or nato forces will tank power away from him and put it in the hand of other folks in afghanistan such as the provincial governors is certainly something that has to affect him. >> president obama says he is not blindly accepting karzai's prom mises. he says the proof will be in deeds. aides say he is not setting up
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benchmarks for his troop decision and also say that no one in the administration believes any military raid will work in afghanistan without successful governance. bret. bret: wendell, thank you. in other world headlines, it was a deadly day in pakistan where a suicide bomber killed at least 35 people and a second attack hours later and a suicide bomber blew up a car at a police roadblock injuring at least 7 police officers there. the united nations is pressing iran for a swift final answer to its proposal concerning nuclear fuel. officials offered mixed signals today to the idea of sending uranium abroad for enrichment. the foreign minister said the options still exist, while a senior diplomat suggested the opposite. in morrocco, hillary clinton moderated her praise of israel's offer to restrain but not stop its construction of settlements in palestinian areas. clinton says israel's move falls far short of u.s.
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>> as the house prepares to vote soon on healthcare reform legislation, the rhetoric on both sides is already heating up. north carolina republican virginia fox says americans have more to fear from the healthcare bill and james rosen looks at the fire from both sides. >> with 2,000 pages of healthcare reform bill from last thursday, republicans and their private sector allies claim that the bill will strain the economy by driving
6:23 pm
up healthcare costs borne by small businesses. >> they will have less ways to employ people. in 2013, they will get hit on the head with an 58% payroll tax that they won't be covering. >> the white house shot that the reforms will level the playing field in terms of outlays between small and big nis businesses an accuse the g.o.p. of using scare tactics. >> we started early with the death pan ales -- panels and whatever else and now it will devastate small business f you look at the details, the thing is a great boon to small business. >> republicans circulated what they described as a comprehensive list of all the the new bureaucracies the house bill will create. democratic aides say many of the initiatives republicans have supported over the years, and on the senate side where democrats are trying to merge two competing bills into one product, harry reid sent lawmakers a letter promising
6:24 pm
to allow g.o.p. members a chance to offer amendments. >> if you make under $250,000 a year, you will not see your taxes increase by a single dime, not income taxes, not payroll taxes, not capital gains taxes no, taxes. >> this plan offered another point of contention. an analysis bite non-partisan joint committee on taxation found that the senate committee finance's healthcare reform measure would impose higher taxes on 46 million middle class families and individuals, one of president obama's closest advisors sidestepped questions raised by this assessment. >> there are lots of different analyses, and until we have a final bill, let's hold off pre-judge what it will do the president has made it cheer he does not want to impose a tax onto middle class. >> house republicans plan to spend tuesday reading allowed the democrats' 1,990-page bill and by the time they finish that exercise, the length will likely increase because steny hoyer plans to add a so-called
6:25 pm
manager's amendment to the bill. this is a fairly common but controversial document that can change the wording and substance of the bill to which it is attached. bret:. bret: get out the throat lozenges. james thanks. how will the reform effort may during tuesday's elections? brit hume has thoughts on that. good evening, brit. >> hello, bret. healthcare reform is not strictly speaking of much of an issue in the three main races being watched this election eve but it is certainly a factor. obama care, as it is being called, has galvanized conservative activists and united republicans putting them in a different position than a year ago. even dede scozzafava, the dropped out republican in the special election in upstate new york was against the president's healthcare plans but stood with her party on little else and her subsequent endorsement of the democrat in the ace would validate distrust over here. yet her departure has trying remembered another round of finger wagging warnings from the left and its friends in
6:26 pm
the media that the g.o.p. is once again leaning too far right. one "new york times" columnist even called the activists who came into the district in new york to work against her stalinists. so let's look at some numbers a poll out today finds only about 32% of americans call themselves republicans. 38% say they're democrats, but 40% of americans in a poll out last week say they're conservative. only 20% say they are liberal with the rest declaring themselves moderate. which way should conservatives be leaning, toward the 40% republicans or toward the 20%? no doubt which way dede scozzafava leaned, were gas roots republicans really foolish to abandon her? bret. bret: so do you see national implications to tomorrow's elections? >> some. certainly the one real swing state was a statewide race tomorrow, that's virginia. obama carried it last time t had been a red state for many years. it was sort of a new era in
6:27 pm
virginia and now we have a republican candidate for governor going into the ace with a big lead a huge upset would have major implications t looks like it will be a republican state once again. that tells you how far we have come from a year ago. new jersey really is a blue state. if jon corzine loses there, after all we have been through in that state, that would be quite telling, and certainly a shout across the bow of democrats facing a vote on obama care in the congress. bret: see you tomorrow night in new york. >> bret, thanks. bret: we will tell you who has been visiting the white house the most since president obama moved in, and guess who is ahead of you in line to get an h1n1 flu shot. preer
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>> and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are very unhappy that the detainees at the guantanomo bay detention facility will get the h1n1 vaccine before many americans. missouri republican congressman roy blunt says it's outrageous that in missouri expectant mothers, and children and others vulnerable to the flu virus do not have access to the vaccine and our tax dollars are funding vaccines for accused terrorists detained at gitmo. michigan democrat bart stupak wrote to the army secretary saying "as long as americans must wait to receive the
6:32 pm
vaccine, detainees in guantanomo bay should not be givennen preferential treatment." the military says they are clued in the priority group because prison populations are at higher risk of getting the flu. >> at least 16 million voters, roughly 8.9% of all those registered have either moved or died and are what experts considered deadwood in this year's election. stair stotsel international estimates more than 3 million are dead and another 13 million have moved from their registered address but still listed on the voter rules. the most dead wood is in washington state, west virginia, massachusetts and new hampshire. a company representative refuseed to release all state by state totals saying they did not want to affect tuesday's elections in any way in new jersey, virginia and illinois. a partial list of visitors has been released between president obama's inauguration
6:33 pm
and the end of july. 110 names, 481 visits. it shows industry leaders, lobbyists, big campaign donors and activists. the most frequent visitor on the list is andrew stern, president of the service employees international union, seiu, with 22 visits. national organization for women president has 15, and jesse jackson totalled 6 visits an steve elmendorf clocked in five times and big time democratic donor george soros has four visits. celebrity sightings is oprah winfrey, brad pitt, george clooney, serena williams an wrapper rapper jay-z but the white house warns not every name is a public figure. michael moore, michael jordan, william ayers and jeremiah wright made the list but white house officials say they aren't the ones you might be thinking of, but other people by those names.
6:34 pm
we told you friday the white house says its economic stimulus has saved or created at least 640,000 jobs, possibly as many as a million. one of the state's that reportedly has benefitted is oregon, which has has been hammered by the recession, but as dan springer reports in our on the job segment, not everyone thinks oregon will come out ahead in the long run. >> a job training session in portland, oregon, provides a glimpse of the federal stimulus package in action. jason pruitt was unemployed and on food stamps. now he is a social social services staffer, learning to be a caseworker. >> for me, it is like i feel that i get to contribute. >> so far, oregon has spent over $1 billion of stimulus money saving or creating more than 9,000 jobs, but three out of every four are government positions, which critics say are unsustainable when federal funding runs out. >> when all we do is just prop up government jobs with
6:35 pm
federal money, we haven't still addressed the long-term issue of creating local work and local communities. >> some of the stimulus has trickled down into private companies, mainly through infrastructure projects but most of the money is going to keep schools open, and pay for jobless benefits and food stamps for the 11.5% of oregon people out of work. the governor's office says the most important thing is getting that money out into the economy. >> the recovery act is as much about minimizing the impact of the economic devastation that we have been facing as it is turning the economy around. a lot of this is about us just getting by. >> but business owners want to know why they're not seeing tax breaks or other incentives to help them create jobs that won't die up when the money is gone. >> we'd like to see the stimulus money take a business and provide the catalyst for that business to grow and put them in a position to hire more people, put people to work, and then we'll be out of
6:36 pm
a recession. >> one state economist agreed pointing out adding government jobs is actually more expensive in the near and long term than helping boost private sector hirings. jason pruitt has been told his job is permanent. as for when the slowdown will end, it's anybody's guess n portland, oregon, dan springer, fox news. the fox all-stars will tell us what to think the vote. upbeat rock ♪ singer:wanted to get myself a new cell phone ♪
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>> it is clear that the campaign is lagging. we are struggling with finances. and i think it is what we are doing to do the right thing and the republican chair has stood beside me this entire time, and we will do what is best for the republican party. >> that was republican dede
6:40 pm
scozzafava. she is releasing her supporters and a short time later she endorsed the democrat in the race, bill owens, saying this, quote, it is in this spirit that i will let you know that i am supporting bill owens and urge you to do the same. well, here is the latest poll in new york 23, and there you see the numbers with the development. 41% are fro doug hoffman and bill owens, 36% and undecided, 18%. what about this race and all the other aces we will be covering tomorrow? let's bring in bill kristol. let's start with new york 23. bill. >> candidate obama carried virginia last year and it is a republican position.
6:41 pm
obama carried it and that's why they made john mckuhn secretary of army. this wassen rain credible move by rahm emanuel. it is the most important job in the executive branch and the special election and we have the chaos of the republican side and scozzafava pulls out and the absentee ballots traditionally counted for hoffman but nonetheless, hoffman is likely to amazing. this is plus five obama district, chaos onto democratic side and the democrat is going to lose, probably. bret: juan, you listen to a lot of the national media as they look at this race and it made it a huge deal out of this conservative candidate overtaking the republican. do you make a huge deal out of it? athink it's probably the most
6:42 pm
important race in terms of looking forward that we're going to have tomorrow night. i say that because i think it's really telling about what is going on inside the g.o.p. if you get house minority leader john boehner, if you get eric cantor, if you get newt ging rip all saying, you know what we are for scozzafava and the g.o.p. people on the ground saying this is the candidate for our party and then you get this highly energized very conservative bice, no, we don't like what she stands for and you have to say exactly who is in control of the party? who is defining the party at this critical moment? we know that people are saying the party is anti-obama, but it's go got to go beyond that and say what it is for, and at the moment, i think it is limiting the size of the tent. is that going to help? it is an energized space, very energized. it is going to turn out tomorrow in big numbers but down the road, what does it say to independent voices to republican martyrs that the
6:43 pm
party is not there for them? bret: well, they weren't, the republican as a whole, for the stimulus and dede scozzafava was. she was actually, some say, left of the democratic candidate in that district. >> sure. bret: so is that telling for the national republican party? >> yeah, it is telling. in other words, you can have -- i think if you look at democratic party, you have liberal democrats, you have conservative democrats. that's why the blue dog argument that we experience here in terms of the healthcare reform argument, but on the republican side, what we're seeing now is we're seeing if you are a liberal rockefeller in new york republican, that kind of republican is no longer acceptable. >> the idea that it is limiting the tent of republicans is absurd. she is not a moderate. she a liberal, as you said about the stimulus, also, she is for card check, the abolition of the secret balloting in union elections that. isn't a moderate position. it is a left wing position.
6:44 pm
even a lot of democrats are ram bifl ant about that. it's not just social issues which is how liberals are portrayed. if you're not down the line on social issues you will be read out of the republican party. she was not a republican and she showed it. it took a half a day and she turned on the party. she was a liberal. she was was a person in the new york state that had a chance and thought she would ride the idea of being a liberal into congress. it didn't work. the message here is that there is a true revolt. there is an opposition grassroots in the country to the overall obama agenda. it is about high taxes, about expanding the government, it is about expanding the reach of government. it is about the government controls t is a fundamental and important movement. if the republicans ignore it, it's the engine of recovering the house and the senate. if it's ignored and tapped down in the name of appeasing
6:45 pm
independents and the name of acting as a liberal, that's and an absurd strategy. that's what is being uncovered in new york 23. bret: let's go to the new jersey poll. that race for governor, there is a new poll out that says that chris christie, the republican, is up now by 2 points, obviously within the margin of error there. it is very close. bill, what does this say, this race, if, for example, chris christie can pull it out. >> it was a 16-point swing against the democrats. this is just a classic swing congressional district. there are a heck of a lot of democratic congressmen who are relengthed in 2006 and 2008 in districts like this, districts that went for bush in 2004, went for obama in 2008f a conservative republican can win in this district with all the disadvantages of the chaos on the republican side and official republican candidate
6:46 pm
fully endorsing the democrat, what does that say to the moderate democrats in the house sni think it is something they can pull it out with the republican victory in new new york and maybe new jersey. i think it is a huge blow to healthcare. nancy pelosi needs the votes in districts exactly like this and the swing voters in districts like this are trurng against the democrats. what is is the essence of this campaign? it is totally about pelosi. mr. owens is a nice man, a local citizen. don't send him to washington to be a rub remember stamp vote for nancy pelosi. bret: we have bob mcdonnell up in the republican vote in a purple state, virginia, and he is up 18. what happens if republicans do swing these three big races, the message that is sent and what happens if it is split? how do you read it? >> well, if it's a tidal wave, let's say, i think a lot of what bill is saying is wishful thinking about the larger impact of this, because it's
6:47 pm
really not a referendum on healthcare or immigration. what it is in a telling sense in new jersey about taxes and about corruption in that state, much more so than anything else, so people won't interpret it as a negative sign for obama an pressure on conservative democrats. >> it was a christmas election, one-shot deal and all this talk about realignment, about a new era of the death of republicanism or conservatism is utter nonsense. it is an unusual election all last year, and all the stars are aligned democratic, charismatic candidates still only a 7-point victory. the return to the norm is happening now and we're going to see it tomorrow night. bret: we will talk about the election that isn't going to happen in afghanistan and what it means for american troops after the break.
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>> about an hour ago i spoke with president karzai and congratulated him on his election for a second time as president of the republic of afghanistan and emphasized that this has to be a point in time in which we begin to white a new chapter based on improved governance, a much more serious effort to eradicate corruption and he assured me that he understood the importance of this moment, but, as i indicated to him, the proof is not going to be in words. it's going to be in deeds. bret: well, the opposition candidate in afghanistan, dr. abdullah abdullah announced sunday he was pulling out so an election runoff was not necessary and afghanistan's election commission declared karzai the winner and cancelled the plans to hold the second runoff
6:52 pm
election this coming saturday, even though karzai had at least 1 million bogus votes from stuffed ballot boxes an fake polling stations. we are back with the panel. how does this affect u.s. policy to afghanistan? charles? >> it has no effect. the obama excuse for all the agonizing around and the waiting and deliberating over troop levels, excuse has been well, we can't really decide this unless the taint of this election is removed and until we are really sure about who our partner is was always a fig leaf. it was always an excuse. it was a weak and corrupt government before and it is today and nobody expects anything different. look, the reason obama has been agonize something not because he has concerns about the government in afghanistan. he is worried about the composition of the government in the united states, meaning whether his popularity would suffer if he went with the generals, whether the democrats are going to lose seats in the house and the
6:53 pm
senate next year, and overall, whether or not he will be able to pass his cherished domestic agenda if he alienates his left by accepting an es ka a lation -- an escalation of the war. it is all about politics that are american politics not afghan politics. bret: there is a large question of when president obama would announce his decision and a lot of people said it would be after the runoff. now there is no runoff, so it will be after tomorrow. >> yeah, apparently it is going to be after this 9-day trip, so we don't know, but i must say, charles, you almost articulate the white house point of view interestingly in in your comments, because, you know, hillary clinton, the secretary of state, white house people are saying, oh, yeah, this is now a legitimate government. it has gone through the electoral process. it's been certified by the afghan government. i was thinking to myself, who are they kidding? of course it is not a legitimate election. the man just cheated wildly, and if america is looking for a partner that is reliable and that the afghan people can say
6:54 pm
this is a legitimate government and we understand if we go with them we're not going with a bunch of thugs, we're going with someone who will not cheat us, not abuse us and they're better than the taliban, the afghan people don't know that as a result now of this election and it makes it more problematic for the u.s. government, and to say that this is all about healthcare, i don't know where -- i really do believe that the president is sincere in saying he cares deeply about fighting terrorists. this is about fighting al qaeda. that is the goal here. bret: bill. >> the president said today and i agree with him, there has to be a point in time in which we begin to write a new chapter based on improved governance, and he should take that seriously and show improved governance in the united states and make a decision. this has been a farce. this endless seminar and now he is looking into the composition of each province in afghanistan so he can second-guess general mcchrystal and the huge team of military advisors he has. each province in afghanistan came up with the
6:55 pm
recommendation. they should take seriously the deeds, not speeches an act to send the troops that are necessary, and not just because it is annoying that he dithers, but it matters. general mcchrystal says there is a sense of urgency. there needs to be a summer offensive. the longer you wait to make the decision, the longer the wait on the defense will be and the more disadvantaged we will be militarily. >> the question is he said it is a war of necessity, does he believe it, and that's the real issue. if you're going to go into war and escalate a war, you have to have a commander in chief who believes in the war. the way he has acted it looks as if even if he decided he would go into it he will be heart hearted. you want a war that escalates with a half hearted commitment on behalf of the commander in chief? it's a real issue. bret: stay tuned to see some real top knox reporting. .
6:56 pm
. boss: so word's gettin' out that geico can help people save in even more ways -
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on motorcycle insurance, rv, camper, boat insurance. nice work, everyone. exec: well, it's easy for him. he's a cute little lizard. gecko: ah, gecko, actually - exec: with all due respect, if i was tiny and green and had a british accent i'd have more folks paying attention to me too... i mean - (faux english accent) "save money! pip pip cheerio!" exec 2: british? i thought you were australian. gecko: well, it's funny you should ask. 'cause actually, i'm from - anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. bret: finally tonight, reporters are swarming virginia and other
6:59 pm
locations throughout the country ahead of tuesday's election. because of all of the focus on the election, what you may have missed recently was some stellar reporting on what's been happening with the weather. ♪ >> the rain came down hard for about a good hour's time. as you can see behind me, a little bit of water did pool there in the streets. >> i got the hood back on so as you can see rain coming down yet again, light rain. i had the hood off the last half hour. >> let me show you the rain has been coming down. can you see this water flow. >> off and on drizzle all day. the right now the drizzle is off. >> the water flowing in this gutter here right below me is one sign that the steady rain overnight. >> i'm seeing a little like gloominess in the sky so not really fun. bret: in-depth reporting. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. see you tomorrow night out of new york. special election coverage.


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